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The Conscious Equestrian Bursary

The aim of The Conscious Equestrian is to promote equestrian well-being, and a large part of that involves giving something back to the sport and industry that we love so much. 

We are therefore thrilled to be able to launch The Conscious Equestrian Bursary. 

One lucky equestrian will be awarded £500.00 to spend on their well-being, whether that's in the form of mindset coaching, physiotherapy or fitness. As long as it's for the human, rather than the horse, it's included! 

For more information on what you can spend the money on, please see our T&Cs below


Applications for 2021 are now closed

Our 10 finalists are:

Rebekah Ashstead

Ruth Bishop

Rebecca Costello

Heather Finlay

Kerrie Hicks

Olivia Kennedy

Christine Lewis

Anna Robinson

Megan Simpson

Heather Tull

And the 2021 winner is...

Heather Tull!

Screenshot (35).png

Heather impressed us with her candid and honest social media posts, her creativity and dedication to her 'Turbo Cob', Belle. 

You can follow Heather's well-being journey on her Instagram account: 


Ready to apply?

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Fill out the form below. You have 3000 characters (approx 500 words) to tell us why you deserve to be the lucky winner of this amazing bursary. Include as much detail about yourself as possible: Do you compete? Are you a happy hacker? Tell us about your horse(s). Do you have social media? Try to grab our attention!

  2. FOLLOW The Conscious Equestrian Facebook and/or Instagram accounts. 

  3. SHARE the bursary post on Facebook and/or Instagram. 

  4. TAG us in posts about rider well-being, equestrian mental health and other relevant topics. Our hashtags are: #TheConsciousEquestrian #EndEquestrianBurnout #EquestrianWellbeing #TCEBursary 

  5. If you are one of the chosen ones who are asked to progress to Round 2, you'll need to submit a short video, telling us why you should be the ultimate winner. 

  6. Our decision will not be made by the number of followers someone has, but by how dedicated they are to taking responsibility for their well-being, and being a better team mate for their horse. Show us on your social media how much you deserve to be the winner!

  7. Have a good look through our Terms and Conditions for more information such as deadlines and how the money can be spent.

The bursary is now closed


The Conscious Equestrian Bursary Terms and Conditions of Entry

By submitting the form above, you are agreeing to the following:

  • The decision of The Conscious Equestrian is final. We reserve the right to decline entry to the competition for any reason at any time.

  • This is NOT a cash prize. The money will be paid directly to the provider of well-being treatments/services upon production of a valid tax invoice.

  • The bursary will be for 12 months. The maximum spend per month is £100.00. It is up to the winner to decide how to spread the available funds. 

  • The winner of the bursary will send tax invoices for well-being treatments/services to The Conscious Equestrian for payment, or partial payment, over the course of 12 months. The Conscious Equestrian reserves the right to refuse payment if we think that it does not fall within the remit of human/rider well-being or there are concerns about the validity of the invoice(s).

  • It is not necessary for entrants to own a horse, but they must be involved within the equestrian industry or sport of equestrianism in some way and be active on social media.

  • The bursary may not be used for private medical treatment, riding lessons, the purchase of physical goods, or any services for horses or other animals. This list is not exhaustive and we reserve the right to add to this list at any time.

  • The entirety of the bursary (£500.00) is to be spent on human well-being. This includes, but is not limited to mindset/sports psychology coaching, physical therapies such as physiotherapy, osteopathy or chiropractic treatments, fitness classes or personal training. The Conscious Equestrian's decision of what falls into the 'human well-being' remit is final.

  • The Conscious Equestrian reserves the right to withdraw the bursary at any time if we feel that it is being misused, or that the winner is behaving in a manner that is incompatible with The Conscious Equestrian's core values. 

  • Entries will be judged on their individual merit, and how they align with The Conscious Equestrian's mission and ethos.

  • The bursary competition consists of two rounds: Round 1 - submission of the form found on this page plus the social media interaction listed above, Round 2 - 10 finalists will be selected from the submissions from Round 1.

  • Entries close for Round 1 at 11.59pm on 30th June 2021. 

  • Thereafter, The Conscious Equestrian will select 10 finalists to progress to Round 2 of the selection process. 

  • The 10 finalists will be announced on 11th July 2021 and will then be required to submit a video of up to 3 minutes in length, which will be posted on The Conscious Equestrian social media pages. 

  • The videos will be judged on creativity, the message they send to the viewer, as well as the integrity of the maker. 

  • The deadline for video submission is 25th July 2021. 

  • The winner will be announced on Sunday 8th August 2021. 

  • The winner will be expected to interact with The Conscious Equestrian on social media, and positively promote our message both in person and online. Any behavior that might bring The Conscious Equestrian into disrepute may result in the bursary being withdrawn. We reserve the right to withdraw the bursary at any time, without having to give a reason.  

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