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Our Mission

The Conscious Equestrian promotes positive rider well-being and proves that the benefits far outweigh the costs. We want to help riders to proactively, not reactively, prioritise their wellness. Our aim is to challenge the current status quo of “I neglect myself because I love my horse”.

We want to help break down the stigma surrounding equestrian mental health and encourage riders to take responsibility for their side of the horse-human partnership, through tending more carefully to mind, body and soul. 

"We want riders to proactively, not reactively, prioritise their wellness"


Both our animals and our people deserve the best of us, but in order to give our best, we need to feel our best. We can’t feel our best if we’re neglecting our basic needs: diet, exercise, sleep, hydration and mental well-being. Starving ourselves of these necessities does not prove our worth to anyone. 

Join us on our mission to normalise rider self-care!

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