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About Ali Dane

I’m Ali Dane, Founder and Director. I’ve worked within the equestrian industry in some capacity for twenty years, and have run my own livery and training yard in South Oxfordshire for thirteen years.


The Conscious Equestrian is the result of my search for support and guidance in dealing with the day-to-day demands of being a modern-day equestrian. Alongside running the yard, I’m also a competitor, dressage judge and coach; I constantly try to fit too much into each day, and in doing so, my basic needs are too often pushed aside. This results in low energy, high stress and ultimately low job satisfaction, which is rubbish, because I love my job! I’ve realised that when I take better care of myself, I teach, ride, judge and work to a higher standard. I’m more productive and the benefits flow on to the animals and people around me.


The Conscious Equestrian Ltd is my offering to the equestrian community, but I need it just as much as every other rider. It serves as my daily reminder that in order to be the best version of me for those who matter - both four-legged and two - I need to prioritise my mental and physical well-being

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